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Pt. Pleasant, NJ USA
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I enjoy going to the beach, my cats, my family, reading, candles, health & wellness, playing darts, pool and connecting with others. I'm a huge sci-fi fan. :-)
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  • Oct 28th 2022 at 11:00 PM
    Unexpected Perks to Celebrate

    You know how you take a health product and while you're expecting specific results, you also get other good results? Yeah, that's what happened to me.

    I'm taking the Activ Greens from AAO and I'm all gung ho about the nitric oxide because of my heart issues. There's nothing like being able to breathe better when I've gone a little bit beyond my exertion limit.

    So, we don't promote that it will help lose weight per se because it's not specifically designed for "weight loss". But I'll you what, I've lost 10 pounds so far since August! Not enough to write home to Mom about, lol, but a little loss over time is a good thing! I believe it's from the detoxing and the much improved blood circulation that helped flush my body. What do you think?

    So, I'm going to celebrate this "weight loss" or should I say "waste/toxin loss" and milk it for all it's worth! :-)

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