Mary Leedy
Pt. Pleasant, NJ USA
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I enjoy going to the beach, my cats, my family, reading, candles, health & wellness, playing darts, pool and connecting with others. I'm a huge sci-fi fan. :-)
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  • Jan 9th 2023 at 1:27 PM
    Celebrate the Small Successes Too

    There's magic in celebrating the small successes in your business. When your side gig paycheck covers the cost of a full tank of gas, dinner and/or movie out with your family, doubling up on a credit card payment, advertising tools, it all matters.
    So, do the jig, or a dance, or as in my case, a huge ass WOO HOO!! and a jig. That emotion and appreciation lets the Universe know that you want more of that. And guess what? It works that way when you celebrate others in your business.
    When you get on board, I'll be WOO HOO'ing and jigging for you too. :-)

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